Sunday, August 24, 2014


Yesterday, we went to Lagoon.  It was SOOO fun!! We didn't plan on staying at long as we stayed until 11:00pm, but we were having a blast!  Because we had the baby, DJ and I had to switch going on rides with the kids.  There were only a few rides we could all go on.  Next time we will bring an extra person (*cough*grandma Leesa) so we can all go on together.
Bumper cars 

Funnel cake!!   Yum!! 

Lily and I, on the Fire Dragon.  I think I closed my eyes the whole time haha! Lily, was a champ! 

This ride was called the "Samurai".  It flipped your body all over the place! My hair was insane and I was dying laughing the whole time, because I couldn't see anything. at. all.  Only my hair! I was eating it, and suffocating from it covering my face.   It flew out in every direction. It was attacking the poor guy next to me.  When I got off the ride, DJ, was laughing his butt off,  and I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the pictures.  All I could think about is the movie "The Ring" ha!
On the carousal  in a little Bavarian bear. 

So, Keira is terrified of spiders! I thought this was cute.  Almost like she was taking her power back :) 

Keira and Roman.  

Roman, trying on a monkey hat. 

Farris wheel, with DJ. Roman, and I didn't go.  He was super grumpy, and I was worried about being up there with him.   I'm not a big fan of heights, and this was the tallest ride at Lagoon.   

On the swing! 

130 year old swing. 

Waiting for the swings to start. 

My fat bloody lip, Keira's head hit my lip pretty good.  

The trio. 

They tried to get me on this's was too intense for me.  I was impressed with how brave the girls were.  I think DJ was more scared hahah! 

On the 130 year old carousel.  It was so beautiful! 

The train

Sad, this is the only picture I got with my husband, and he's not even looking :(  I love these boys of mine!1 

Roman, eating a churro, and taking a nap.  What a sweet boy :) 
Lily, being a good big sister.  She rode on this car ride with Roman.  He cried when we tried to take him off hahahahh! 

My sweet little kiddlettes

Just messing with my camera, and taking pictures with these precious little people.  Love them so much!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My kids...

I love these people so much!!  These sweet beautiful little faces make my heart want to explode!!!

I was looking through pictures of my kids and it makes me a little sad to see how fast they grow up.   They are each one unique...yet I see so many similarities in their pictures of when they were babies!

All of them are a year old in these pictures....


About six months....

Lily, eating my watercolor paints :D That precious face!! 

Another precious little face!! Oh, I'm glad he's still little and I can smooch the heck out of him! 

This sweet baby girl!! Why do they have to grow up so soon? :( 
*Sigh* feeling nostalgic.....