Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring! 2015

We had a great weekend! Saturday afternoon we took the kids to a cute little candy shop called Peppermint Place.  They had the Easter Bunny there, and it was Roman's first picture with the him.  He was so adorable when he saw her! He took in a deep breath and pointed.  He got super excited and wanted out of my arms.  He ran up to the Easter Bunny, but we grabbed him because there were other children with her.  He kept pointing and taking in huge breaths! As soon as it was his turn he walked a few steps closer and just stood there looking.  The Easter Bunny reached for him and got down on her knees and Roman took off haha!  We sat him on her lap and quickly took a picture.  Roman was stroking the furry paw and he would hardly look up.  He is super shy and as soon as he could he bolted hahah! He couldn't keep his eyes off the bunny though.  It was hilarious! The girls wanted to pick out treats so they brought some of their money they had saved up and bought some treats.  After, we went to eat out at Malawi's Pizza.  Roman was out for his nap, which was nice.  It was of course delicious! When we got home we got ready for Women's Conference.  My mom came down and we took the girls to Women's Conference.  It was wonderful, as usual! The focus seemed to be on the family- which I love! Poor Lily has horrible allergies.  I gave her some allergy meds early in the day and they helped for a while, but poor girl was miserable during the whole meeting.  My mom had some little note pads for the girls to draw on.  It was fun to see what they drew! I love my girls! After my mom took us to Culver's It was my first time going there.  It was pretty good.  We ate, talked...the restaurant of course was packed with women and girls from the conference! It was such a great weekend! Sunday we went to the park in the morning and discovered a secret path near by.  It was so beautiful and I can't wait until the leaves are all out! I LOVE spring time!! 

This picture cracks me up! It's the only one I got while we were eating.  I guess Lily had just eaten a lemon, and I have no idea what Keira's face is out hahah! 

Our little hidden path. 

I love the area we live in!!

I love these ladies!! 

Lily's drawings during the Women's session

Keira's family drawing.  Makes my heart melt! I'm not sure what the deal is with the stool lol!! 

Keira's LDS temple <3 td="">

Monday, March 16, 2015

March family party- St. Patrick's Day

So, we had a bunch of family in town and decided to get together.  It was  great turnout! I have a HUGE family and the craziest part is there were still about 40+ people missing who live in other states.  My mom has 9 brothers and sisters and all but 2 of them have kids (one of those two passed away when she was 26)....that's a lot of people!  My sister, Jessica and her family will be moving back from Minnesota (her husband was in Dermatology at Mayo) they just bought a gorgeous house (which is why Jessica was here) my cousin, Aimee and her family are moving in March and opening a (she was a gymnast) gymnastics gym!! Lots of exciting stuff happening in our families!! I am so thankful for my family.  I really feel like I hit the jack pot.  I love everyone of them to pieces and feel like many of them are my closest friends.  I can be myself around them and they love me the way I am! They are seriously the best!! The kids were in heaven and they were having a blast!! The girls love their cousins, and little Roman was trying to keep up with everyone haha!!   They were thoroughly enjoying the backyard; the trampoline and the playhouse.  It was awesome!!! We had a huge feast!! The party wasn't on St. Patrick's Day, but I made creamy potato leek soup and Irish soda bread.  There was tons of other yummy food too! I seriously LOVE these people!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Valentine's Day

One of Lily's bizillion love letters :) I swoon 
We celebrated our Valentine's Day on the following Monday, since I was in California.  I love these peeps! We made pancakes for breakfast and I bought something small for everyone.  I love these little creatures so much!!
Lily loves France and everything French.  This little ballerina is Keira's cartoon twin! 

Total inside joke :) He loved it.

Keira made this for me :D 

Making pancakes!

California 2015

My little sister text me on Tuesday and asked me if I wanted to drive to California on Thursday.  I'm not a super spontaneous person so I thought about it..... and the more I thought about it, the more I realized if I didn't just do it I'd regret it probably for the rest of my life.  My dad was going to be in town to help my grandparents get their things settled to be put into an assisted living facility.  I hadn't seen my grandparents in over 2 years, and hadn't been to their house in California in 5 years.  They never met my son Roman.  I hadn't seen my dad in almost the same amount of time and this would only be the 2nd time he ever saw Roman.  I knew I needed to go and make it work.  DJ had school and work, and the girls had school that they needed to be at, so they stayed home and had a blast!  It was a pretty tricky drive.  I've you've ever driven with a toddler there is lots of crying, and stops to let them stretch their little legs.  The poor guy doesn't like car rides as it is, this nearly traumatized him lol!  Vanessa and I switched off driving.  It was good to get to talk to her for so long.  We stayed at my little sister's apartment in Irvine.  Her husband is finishing up his doctorates degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Yeah, he's 22...if that doesn't make you feel dumb haha! No, it's pretty awesome.  He's working on some incredible mind blowing jobs right now.  Krissta is a nanny for a family with 4 kids, and is an amazing artist and just went in for an interview at the college for Illustration.  I'm proud of them! We went to my brother, Gio's news house.  It was an exciting day for him! He is a Radiologist and just moved that day into his first home.  He couldn't have been more excited! We went to lunch and ate yummy Mexican food.  That night we surprised my dad and grandparents at their house in North Hills.  They were SO excited!! My cute little grandpa was so happy and he held my hand and talked to me.  He asked me about Roman, and he asked me about my husband's background.  Sounds like there are some possible connections with my grandparent's family and my husbands family out East.  Pretty cool! Seems like all the Italian families know each other in the US.  I felt so sad knowing that that may be the last time I get to see my grandparents in this life.  They haven't been doing too well the last 3 years.  I cannot believe they are even still around.  My grandparents are in their mid-80s.  They are feisty!   They finally agreed that it was time to go to an assisted living facility after a fall earlier that week.  My grandpa fell, knocked my grandma down too in the road, and she hit her head.  My aunt was with them but couldn't get either of them up, and they had to call 911.  It's pretty much been like that for years now.  They are just very stubborn.  My grandpa last year fell into their pool and nearly drowned.  My grandma found him an hour later clinging to the side trying to get out.  He was so weak and was suffering from hypothermia.  How he didn't die, I have no idea???  It's sad.  I hate seeing them look so frail.  They both have walkers.  So, while we were there my grandma was letting us pick stuff to keep out of her cabinet.  It was kind of crazy! I picked a cute little antique salt and pepper shaker.  I miss my dad's family.  On Valentine's Day my little sister Krissta made us German pancakes with whip cream and strawberries.  It was SO delicious! Krissta took us on a walk to a place where she runs.  It was so amazing and green! Rolling hills, and just gorgeous!!  While we were there we found out my grandpa fell again that night of the party and was in the hospital.  They also found out that he had pneumonia.  It makes me so sad.  My dad heard the people from Life Alert trying to speak through their monitor asking if my grandpa fell.  My dad woke up and found my grandpa on the floor in his room.  The story is kind of funny but sad too.  My dad was over the top of my grandpa and my grandpa's eyes opened up and he asked, "What?" "You fell over dad!" "No I didn't, I'm sleeping in my bed!"  "No, dad you fell over and were sleeping on the floor!" as my dad was helping my grandpa up my grandpa says, "Don't hurt yourself, Jim" my dad says back, "Well then you need to lose some weight."  grandpa grumbles, "So do you..."  they are so funny together!  My grandpa had forgotten all about the family party the night before.  He didn't remember a single thing :(   It makes me so sad.  After the little walk we went to Victoria beach.  It was incredible!! The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  We felt like mermaids haha! The beach is secluded and there were a few people there taking pictures.  I cannot wait to go back! The water was so clear! It was just amazing!! We were craving sushi and seaweed salad after lol so we went to the nearest health food store and got some delicious food.  We drove to my grandparents house to meet my dad and drove together to the hospital to visit my grandpa.  Poor guy was pretty bummed that he was back in the hospital.  He was so cute though.  He goes to be early and wakes up to go eat Ghram crackers and milk.  That's why he was out of be in the first place, oh and the chocolate cake that we had the night before haha  He got up to get eat his midnight snack lol! He was up and reaching for the door when he fell and didn't remember anything after that.  Poor guy :) He was so bummed that we were in town and he wasn't going to be able to visit with us more.  After the hospital we went back to my grandparent's house and ordered pizza.  It was a fun little party.  Roman was a maniac and running around.  He is an explorer...I guess all my kids have been.  Roman, Vanessa, and I left for home Sunday morning.  I needed to be back home.  The drive went by fairly fast.  It was so good to be home! Roman has gone back to his cute little self haha thankfully!
I love this picture. 

My biceps were pretty sore the next day trying to keep this guy from running straight into the water. 

Roman's first time at the beach! He LOVED it!! 

My mermaid shot haha 

The locked door to the tower.

The little sea creatures! It was fun to look touch them :D

Inside the tower.  It was locked otherwise we would have gone up. 

Vanessa eating sushi

Sushi lovers :D

Waiting at the hospital to visit my grandpa. I was cracking up because Roman had handfuls of my dad's hair.

The Newport LDS temple! I wish I had time to go do a session.  It was beautiful and right down the street from my sister's apartment. 

Helping Gio unpack at his new house! It was AWESOME!! 

Riding uncle Gio's triathlon bike. 

Lunch with my 3 of my siblings at a yummy Mexican restaurant. 

My grandpa, grandma, dad, Roman and me.  Makes me sad to think this is the last time I'll ever go to my grandparent's house.  May even be the last time I see my grandparents in this life. 

Grandpa Jim being bad and feeding Roman cake and ice cream for dinner. 

Roman, doing what he obsessively does...color.  This boy has the artist genes of two artist.  

Some of the great grandkids coloring. 

One of his many tantrums lol this sums up a lot of the trip! He was so out of his element and was getting into everything! 

Valentine's morning with my loves! Vanessa and Krissta. 

Krissta made German pancakes for our Valentine's Day breakfast! It was amazing! 

Meet Salty and Peppy lol this is terrible, but my grandparents were starting to get rid of everything.  They let the grandkids pick out of a cabinet they had.  This is what I picked.  It's definitely not politically correct, but this couple is adorable and I remember seeing this in their cabinet ever since I was a kid.  It's obviously from a very different time in the US history and sentimental to me because it belonged to my grandparents.