Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family reunion - 2014

The Adams family reunion - 2014.  It was so good to see everyone!   Our family is HUGE on my mom's side, and so many people were not able to come to the reunion.   My great-grandparents had nine children.  One of their children passed away at nine years old, but the rest made it to adulthood and had families of their own.  My grandmother, Lyle, and Skii, had nine kid...their children had kids, and the average is four kids per family....holy moly! Do the math, that's a lot of people!! I LOVE my family and feel very blessed to have so many people to love! It was pretty hot that day, but super fun to see everyone!  Can't wait until next year! 

The Adams family :)  My grandma is the 2nd girl on the front left side, with the black dress, and white bow at the neck line.  The only child not in this picture, was their youngest, Kay.  Dan, the boy in the striped shirt, was the child who passed away.  He died of rheumatic fever when he was about nine.  

This are my grandma's only living siblings.  They are amazing though! I look up to them so much.  Uncle Kay, aunt Geneal, and aunt Inez.  They are hilarious, spunky, kind, optimistic, and just amazing!! I love being around them because they make me feel like I am with my grandma again.  I miss her (and my granddad) so much!! 

Joshua, and Katie. I love them! 

James, little James, Amanda, and Shayleigh.  Love them too...

Max, Angela, Matt, and Sadie 

Heather's family; Heather, Jacob, Jacon, Andy, Corinne, and Allie.   Love them....

Sarah (Rebekah's sister) Rebekah, Maximus, and Jacob.  Love them...

I adore this little family!! 

My little man, and a little doggy (Bailey)

Roman, DJ, Allie, and I'm not sure who the kids are. 

My beautiful mama, and son. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dance recital- 2014

The great and dreadful day...lol it was so amazing to see the girls dance, but what a LONG day! This year they held the recital on a Thursday.  It was the day before the last day of school.  Not the best choice.  They had their recital practice at 4:00pm - which meant I needed to get them early from school.  It was pure chaos!  Last year was crazy, but all of this + a 10 month old was a little too much.  DJ, was working, but I called him and asked him to come down an hour early to watch, Roman.  It helped a lot.  The girls danced beautifully, and I couldn't be more proud of them!!! My only regret is I didn't do very well with the picture and video planning.  I was glad I at least had some pictures, but they didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.  Oh well...I am very thankful for what I did get.  

Oy!! The food prep for the day. 

Hair and makeup.  I let the kids play with my phone to keep them out of trouble while I was working with each of them. 

This little guy was pretty patient. 

Munching on string cheese. 
Back stage beauties. 

Back stage.  Yes, Lily is a little taller than Keira.  

A very late dinner at Olive Garden! Wish I would have gotten a picture of my mom too :( 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our evening walks

First snow cone ever

In the evening we like to go on walks around our neighborhood.  You can probably tell from the pictures that they aee from different days. We love our new home and neighborhood!  It's so awesome!  Last night, we walked to the snow cone shack on one of the corners. It was super yummy!  Roman,  loved it until he got brain freeze lol! Poor guy was torn. He wanted more but didn't seem like he could handle it. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ashlyn's mission call

My sweet little cousin, Ashlyn, got her mission call to Rancagua, Chile!  I am so excited for her! I grew up babysitting she and her sisters.  Her oldest sister, Chelsea, and she use to come to our house all the time to play with my little sisters.  I've always seen them more like my own sisters- we have always been close.  Their mom is my mom's youngest sister, and she has four daughters of her own.  I've always wanted a bunch of girls because of the relationship my aunt Rebecca has with her daughters.  Can you tell, I absolutely adore them?    Ashlyn, is an angel, and is going to be an earth angel, an instrument in the Lord's hands.  Chile, is so lucky to have her!

The guesses.  I guessed Brazil. 

Getting ready to open her call!

So many people came to support her! This is crazy, but one of the girls (In the hot pink shirt, and white cardigan) is a girl from my old ward in Peachtree City, Georgia.  Her last name is Clark, I don't remember her first name.  I really liked her parents though.  It was so crazy to see her! Small world :) 

The Scottish Festival and BBQ with some fam

We went to the Scottish Festival for the first time ever last weekend.  It was really fun! Tons of yummy food, culture, music, and they had the Hyland games.
Trying Fish and Chips for the first time. 

Bagpipers everywhere! 

Looking at the horses with, Roman. 

They had these huge glass containers that you could fill with Root Beer, or Cream Soda.  We bought a big green one and filled it was Cream Soda.  It was delicious! 

The Hyland games.  People came all over the world to participate.  I was impressed with the skill and strength it took for these competitors.  

Only pic I got of a family BBQ after the Scottish Festival.  It's missing 4 people.