Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cascade Springs - Labor Day weekend

We took a drive up the Alpine Loop and went to Cascade springs with my sister and her husband on Labor Day. It was super busy.   Cascade Springs was one of my favorite places to go as a kid. It had been twelve years since I had been back....funny enough it was the place where I was proposed to by my ex-husband. So, it was a little weird to go back there, but nice to replace those old memories with new ones.  It was of course,  absolutely breathtaking!  The trees are changing color. Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year! I was so surprised by all the rich colors on the mountains.  The pictures don't do it justice.   The girls were with their dad for the weekend. We missed them.  We plan on taking them soon.  

Helping jump a families car.  

My adorable little sister brought lavender and jasmine tea and my mom's old antique tea cups! She is the cutest person ever!  I love her attention to detail in everything she does and makes everything special and memorable.  

I love these two so much! Vanessa and Caden.  Caden looks like Jesus with his lovely locks and beard. It's pretty awesome... although Roman wouldn't agree lol he's not a fan of the beard haha!

I love these boys.

 After Cascade springs, Roman,  DJ,  and I drove to Sundance and walked around for a bit.  I cannot get over how gorgeous both places were. It was incredible!!
GQ....handsome boys!

Roman smelling a flower. That face!!!!

Looking around in one of the shops/restaurants at Sundance.  A cool little rustic place. 

K, this is hilarious!  We were in the car and DJ opened up a new bottle of Coke. It exploded everywhere!! It scared the crap out of both of us. We had to run to the store just after it happened.  He was so embarrassed because it looked like he peed his pants. I couldn't help but tease him. It was way too funny! I snuck this picture too ;) He might kill me haha! 

Lagoon for Keira's 10th birthday!

It's Keira's 10th birthday this Friday!  She chose to go to Lagoon this year instead of having a birthday party with friends,  so that's what we did. It so was fun! We were able to go on rides that we hadn't been on before.  Of course, the girls love to go on the scariest rides in the park- they went on the rocket again with, DJ. After that they wanted to go on this other ride that takes only 2 people at a time and you are in a ball like contraption.  Then they shoot you into the air. The ball spins on a stretched out cord.  Way too crazy for me! But it cost $20 extra per person - which is ridiculous.  So they didn't do it, but I've got to give them credit for being so brave. Next week we were unable to go to Lagoon for various reasons. The day we went was the only day we could make it. We got funnel cake and churros. Delish! Roman loved the water spouts! I got some great videos of him trying to touch the water and getting scared cause it sprayed all over his face, he was cracking up and coming back for more lol! The little guy kills me, he is so danged cute!! Roman, and I went on a lot of little rides together. He was so adorable on the carrousel.  He was looking up the whole time at the lights and watching the mechanisms that move the carrousel animals up and down. He also loved some of the dumb haunted house rides , and the train ride we went on alone together. I mostly let DJ take the girls on rides. I get motion sickness sometimes and I'm not a big thrill seaker so I was ok with just hanging out.  It was a great day and Keira loved that it was for her birthday!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Aunt Virginia

Aunt Virginia and her dog Wednesday 

Looking for trouble. 

Grumpy but cute boy
My aunt Virginia passed away last week. She was my granddad's sister, and last living sibling.   In December she would have been 100 years old! She was always a really classy and beautiful woman.  Sharp as a tack, feisty, and sweet.  I was lucky to see her less than a month ago at her great granddaughter's wedding reception.  She looked lovely, although I could see it wouldn't be much longer before she would join her loved ones in the spirit world.  She looked tired, and almost didn't make it to the reception. She probably wouldn't be too happy hearing that lol but at nearly 100 years old, she was pretty amazing!  I always thought she looked like an old time movie star. Always fixed up.  I never saw her looking anything less than fancy.  She will be dearly missed. I'm happy she is reunited with her five sisters, her little brother (my granddad ) and her parents.  I learned some new things about her at the funeral.  She really was a remarkable woman, and a great example of hard work, education, and motherhood.  We will miss her!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Yesterday, we went to Lagoon.  It was SOOO fun!! We didn't plan on staying at long as we stayed until 11:00pm, but we were having a blast!  Because we had the baby, DJ and I had to switch going on rides with the kids.  There were only a few rides we could all go on.  Next time we will bring an extra person (*cough*grandma Leesa) so we can all go on together.
Bumper cars 

Funnel cake!!   Yum!! 

Lily and I, on the Fire Dragon.  I think I closed my eyes the whole time haha! Lily, was a champ! 

This ride was called the "Samurai".  It flipped your body all over the place! My hair was insane and I was dying laughing the whole time, because I couldn't see anything. at. all.  Only my hair! I was eating it, and suffocating from it covering my face.   It flew out in every direction. It was attacking the poor guy next to me.  When I got off the ride, DJ, was laughing his butt off,  and I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the pictures.  All I could think about is the movie "The Ring" ha!
On the carousal  in a little Bavarian bear. 

So, Keira is terrified of spiders! I thought this was cute.  Almost like she was taking her power back :) 

Keira and Roman.  

Roman, trying on a monkey hat. 

Farris wheel, with DJ. Roman, and I didn't go.  He was super grumpy, and I was worried about being up there with him.   I'm not a big fan of heights, and this was the tallest ride at Lagoon.   

On the swing! 

130 year old swing. 

Waiting for the swings to start. 

My fat bloody lip, Keira's head hit my lip pretty good.  

The trio. 

They tried to get me on this's was too intense for me.  I was impressed with how brave the girls were.  I think DJ was more scared hahah! 

On the 130 year old carousel.  It was so beautiful! 

The train

Sad, this is the only picture I got with my husband, and he's not even looking :(  I love these boys of mine!1 

Roman, eating a churro, and taking a nap.  What a sweet boy :) 
Lily, being a good big sister.  She rode on this car ride with Roman.  He cried when we tried to take him off hahahahh!